Hello, and welcome.

If you are wondering what nonduality is, dive in, take a look around. The meaning will become clear as you investigate this site. But know that non-duality is not something that will be understood by reading a definition, a blurb, this About page, or even an article or several. Non-duality will turn your world upside-down and inside-out (in a good and wonderful way), but that will not happen today. It might take weeks. Maybe months. Even years. That’s why there is a gerund in our name: discovering. It’s ongoing.

We begin to understand non-duality by reading about it, by studying it. This is not enough, but it helps. To understand non-duality, we must experience it. And the good news is we can experience it, because non-duality is not an abstract concept, it is real. No one can experience an abstract concept. Everyone can experience reality.

We do discuss a lot of concepts on this site. They are helpful in framing understanding, and in correcting misunderstanding. But concepts begin and end in the mind, and the mind is only a tool, and a limited one. More importantly, the mind is not the place where understanding begins or ends. Understanding does not reside in the mind.

To understand that understanding does not reside in the mind, consider a joke. More specifically, consider the gap between the end of a joke — the end of a story — and the onset of laughter. It is in that gap that understanding resides. That gap is where we ‘get’ the joke. And that gap is where we ‘get’ non-duality. It is not something we can think about, it is something to be ‘gotten.’ We can then think about how to articulate our understanding in the same way we might ‘get’ a joke and then think about how to articulate the joke to someone who doesn’t ‘get it.’

If you are not new to non-duality, you may take issue with what has been said. Or you might not have issues but think you could have said it better. Or you might have something to add. Or questions. This site is intended for you, too, and your contribution is welcome. Visit the contact page for information about how to participate in our community, or submit your writing. Or just speak up in the comments section on any post or page. Your voice is more than welcome, your voice is requested.

We’re happy you’re here. Welcome to a bigger reality.

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