‘On’ Nonduality

Nonduality is not a definition, a concept, or a topic for a blog post. Nonduality comes from the word advaita, which is a Sanskrit compound. Dvaita, in Sanskrit, means two. The prefix a- in Sanskrit means not. Literally, advaita means not two. When translated into English, advaita is usually translated as non-duality.

Non-duality is a better way of referring to oneness. Oneness implies the existence of things that might otherwise be considered separate. Advaita, or nonduality, implies no separateness. No ‘things’ to begin with.

Words and language are all we have to describe this separation, or lack thereof. They are not adequate. That is what this ‘On’ Nonduality page is for. We need to dive in in order to ‘get’ it.