The Ribhu Gita, Chapter 26: Listen, Awake, Realize

I came across this wonderful reading of the the Ribhu Gita and wanted to help call attention to it. The content creator is Samaneri Jayasāra, a Buddhist nun who describes her YouTube channel as a place “designed to provide listeners with a range of teachings from great spiritual Masters and to create a meditative mood … More The Ribhu Gita, Chapter 26: Listen, Awake, Realize

On Oneness

Considering the people, places, and objects in our dreams as one substance is a good way to understand this world as one substance. And that is the best way I know to grasp non-duality. … More On Oneness


Non-duality comes from the word advaita, which is a Sanskrit compound. Dvaita, in Sanskrit, means two. The prefix a- in Sanskrit means not. Literally, advaita means not two. … More Welcome!