The Ribhu Gita, Chapter 26: Listen, Awake, Realize

I came across this wonderful reading of the the Ribhu Gita and wanted to help call attention to it. The content creator is Samaneri Jayasāra, a Buddhist nun who describes her YouTube channel as a place “designed to provide listeners with a range of teachings from great spiritual Masters and to create a meditative mood so that the meaning can go deep and enter your heart.” She includes teachings from a variety of traditions, including Buddhism, Advaita-Vendanta, and Christian Mysticism.

What is The Ribhu Gita?

Just as The Bhagavad Gita, or Song of God, is an excerpt from an ancient Indian epic poem called The Mahabharata, so too is The Ribhu Gita, or song of the anciet sage Ribhu, excerpted from a much longer work known as the Shivarahasya Purana.

Chapter 26 of The Ribhu Gita is considered by many to be the essence, or heart, of the work, likely due to the considerable importance lent to it by Ramana Maharshi in conversations with his devotees. It is said that Sri Ramana told many who visited him that if they were to dedicate themselves to the study of just Chapter 26, they might achieve Self-Realization by that spiritual practice alone.

I have enjoyed many of Samaneri Jayasāra’s videos, but this one is my favorite by far.

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