Space and time make room for thought

Wherever you go, the place you find yourself is called ‘here.’ Whether at home, at work, or halfway around the world, you call your location ‘here.’ Here always feels the same. The wind blows, the birds fly, and gravity keeps your feet on the ground. You may like your here or you may not. But that is only judgment, comparison, thought. Your perception is always ever the same. The content of your perception changes, but your experience of here is constant. Travel is a concept. You are always here.

I’ll say that again. Travel is a concept.

Think of a first person game engine. One of those shooters where your character is moving through the game but the character isn’t moving, the game is. It’s like that. Exactly like that.

Because you are only ever here. And travel is a concept.

Whenever you are, the time you find yourself is now. You may plan for the future, but when the future arrives, it will be now. In one second, it will be now. With no division, no separation between nows. It is now that you begin this sentence, and as you finish the sentence it is now. You have memories of the past, but your experience of the past was experienced as now. Time is a concept. It is always now.

I’ll say that again. Time is a concept.

A centimeter measures distance. But where is a centimeter? You cannot show me a centimeter other than by its relation to objects. Lines on a stick. Two fingers held apart. The centimeter itself does not exist. It is a concept. A measurement of space.

Time is no more or less real than a centimeter. Seconds are a concept. A measurement of change.

Time is nothing more or less than a measurement of change.

The change that it measures is the change to now.

There are no moments. Moments are a concept. There is only here, now, and change. All else is concept. All else is thought.

And when that is realized, the next step is this:

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